Quantity Surveying

Maxmens Company Limited (MCL) provides full range of Quantity Surveying and Estimating services for our clients in relation to building a new house, refurbishing, renovating or extending your existing dwelling.

We provide these services within commercial and retail, residential and other project types for our clients. We work with you to tailor the service to fulfill your criteria and deliver the best value possible on your project. We can arrange a consultation with you on the phone or meet in person to discuss which services you require, either all or part of our ‘Self-Build / Private Dwelling Service’.

We ensure costs are controlled rigorously from inception to completion to deliver projects on time and within budget and also provide you with improved cost certainty and a value-for-money project.

Our goal is to establish and meet your primary objectives, and to provide you with Quantity Surveying solutions and services which results in a finished project that is completed both on time and within budget and which exceeds your requirements.

If you wish to establish and maintain a realistic budget for your project and also prevent any unnecessary budget cost overruns then employing our Quantity Surveying and Estimating services will ensure the financial control and success of your project and also provide greater satisfaction with end result, improved building quality and performance and also budget and value accountability.

Our Quantity Surveying and Estimating Services whether on new builds, extensions, refurbishments, commercial and retail, residential projects include:

  • Budget Estimate

  • Advice on alternative construction methods and materials

  • Tender documents preparation – pricing document or bill of quantities, schedule of rates

  • Contractor selection and tender analysis

  • Negotiations with Contractor

  • Contract Documentation

  • Cost monitoring and control

  • Report on project costs – monthly cost reports

  • Dealing with contractors claims for loss and expense and disputes

  • Assessment and agreement of contractors interim payment applications

  • Dealing with interim and final payments

  • Valuing and agreeing variations ie. changes to the project

  • Advising on the cost implications of variations

  • Agreement of project final cost with contractor

Can we help control the cost of your projects while preventing project budget cost overrun?