Loss Adjusting

Maxmens Loss Adjusters Limited (MLAL) has great expertise and experience when it comes to loss adjusting services.

Our aim is to reduce claim leakage by ensuring foremost that policies are liable for reported losses and then to ensure claim quantum paid are strictly in line with prevailing terms and conditions of policies as issued. We have the expertise including experienced Investigators to delve deeper to loss incidents as well as qualified Surveyors, Engineers, Valuers, Accountants and Lawyers to assist in claim quantum matters.

We achieve this by liaising with all relevant stakeholders to promptly settle claims in accordance with policy terms and conditions and in a manner consistent with legislative requirements and regulators guidelines whilst at the same time, bearing in mind the need for continuity of business between insurers and policyholders. Customer services is therefore at the forefront of everything we do at MLAL

Where necessary, we rely on the expertise of Maxmens Company Limited (MCL) to offer optimum loss adjusting and claim handling services in all areas of property insurance claim.

Our system, which is based on a “Systematic and Proactive Approach”, coupled with our action-oriented and experienced team, ensure cost-effective settlement of claims. We execute survey jobs with all technical parameters per se, and are very careful about Turn-Around-Time (TAT) and Quality of Service (QoS).

Our team of Loss Adjusters offer services in the full spectrum of general insurance including but not limited to:


  • Fire and Allied Perils

  • Marine Cargo

  • Flood and Earthquake Risks

  • Industrial Special Risks

  • Miscellaneous (Burglary/Theft claims, Liability claims, Bankers Indemnity claims, Financial & Special Risks, Professional Indemnity claims)


  • Machinery Breakdown

  • Contractors Plant and Machinery

  • Electronic Equipment

  • Erection and Storage Cum Erection

  • Boiler Pressure Plant

Our friendly staff are ready to assist you with your loss adjusting needs.