Brief History


The Maxmens Group began in the year 2016 with the establishment of Maxmens Consultancy Services Limited (MCSL) as an independent consultancy and advisory services firm incorporated under the Laws of the Republic of Ghana. MCSL initially provided consultancy services in two main sectors namely, Construction/Property Consultancy and Insurance Consultancy Sectors.

Growth and Evolution

As MCSL continued to grow, the need arose to establish an Independent firm to handle the insurance services in order to better serve our clients.

Maxmens Loss Adjusters Limited (MLAL) evolved out of MCSL in 2019, to handle the Insurance Services operation and obtained the license from Ghana’s insurance regulator – the National Insurance Commission (NIC) to operate as a full-fledged loss adjusting firm in October, 2020.

Maxmens Loss Adjusters Limited thus serves the insurance sector as Loss Adjusters, Claim Consultants, Risk Surveyors and Engineering Risk Management Consultants.

Maxmens Consultancy Services Limited was subsequently, renamed Maxmens Company Limited (MCL) in 2022, with mandate to handle the Construction/Property Consultancy Services and to also undertake Contract Building and Property Development operations. 

MCL thus provides services in the property and construction sectors as Chartered Building Consultants, Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Asset Valuers and Project/Development Consultants. The company also undertakes contract building services as building and civil engineering contractors and property developers.

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